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Lady Enoma


Lady Patricia    
Herrin Katharina Mistress Jana    






A special night out

My Mistress said, I would like it. She said I should be there at 8pm, on time, an wait for the car. Which promptly arrived. As one of the doors in the font opened, I entered, didn't look to the front seat und put a blindfold over my eyes, as i was instructed beforehand.

The car stopped and I was ordered to take off the blindfold by a beautiful young female voice. The driver was an attractive young Lady in her lates twenties. She told me to follow her into the building, a big elegant mansion apparently somewhere outside of town. Several cars were parked in the drive way. Once inside, I had to follow into a sideroom. On a chair, I found black heavy leather cuffs for wrists and ankles and a mask, made of thick black rubber. "Undress and put that on" she said to me and left. I didn't dare to do anything but to obey. I took my cloths off and fixed the cuffs to my wrists and ankles. The feeling of these restraints alone got me excited. Then I took at the mask. It had just slits where the eyes sit and a big round hole instead of a mouth. I looked at it. From the inside the hole consisted of a short thick tube to bite on. I would have to put this into my mouth if I wanted to wear this mask, and there was no question, I would wear it. I put the mask over my head, took the short piece of tube into my mouth and closed the mask with the zipper at the back. My mouth now was wide open and I couldn't close it anymore. Using the chain that was also provided to connect the two wrist cuffs, I fixed my hands behind my back. Prepared in this way - and excited as I was - I knocked with my forehead on the door on the other side of the room which was opened immediately. Through the slits I could make out a whole group of people - a small party. Nobody seemed to pay attention, everyone was lost in conversation, or... towards the back of the room i saw the young Lady, my driver, and in front of her, on all her fours, naked, another young male, bound, ... and being fucked from two women with strap-ons. Also towards the back, another boy was tight to a cross, receiving a spanking with a paddle. His moans becoming louder and louder. Suddenly, I feel how two strong hands take me, pull me towards the middle of the room and force me down on the floor. Now, I am kneeling there, restrained and naked. It seems that I will be the new playtoy for these people now, ready to be used by everyone... I feel a crop placed between my thighs. I am ordered to open my legs... and i follow immediately. I feel a hand at my buttocks, and some cool wet gel rubbed into the gap between them. Then I can see another women wallking towards me, wearing a big strap-on, in black, but shaped like a real cock. Strong hand grabs my head, pulling my hair, holding it in place, while the woman with the strap-on gets closer and closer. I can close my mouth, it is kept wide open by the mask. I can't move or withdraw as the big black fake cock enters my mouth. And the women in front of me starts fucking it, deep and fast...