Mistress Jana


Dominance shows up not by words or acts, but rather by the radiant emittance.

One of my big passion is, beside the classical dominance, the Bondage.


There is nothing more beautiful than a helpless package with wich i can make or let what I want!


i could stroke the package with my fingernails or bring it to vibrate with small toys.


Depending on wich it have earned.

The Problem is only, i make the rules and decide what my package have deserved and what not.

You should try to make me very placate .

I love to play and use you. To show you things, you never thougt bevore that you will like them or gives you pleasure.

to give you surprise is my second passion.

I rarely do things what you expect from me

Sometimes hot, sometimes cold, even playing with your desire i will surely bring you to exasperate


I will do a session in english






I will not do GV, OV, lickslaveeducation, Facesitting